gender affirming therapy

A place for you to find, and be, YOU


I have special interest and expertise in working with those who express their gender in non-traditional ways.

Kids, Teens and Families


I provide a safe space both for an adolescent to express themselves honestly but also for parents and loved ones to share their fears, concerns, frustrations and anxieties.  I am deeply committed to helping families that include members with questions about gender identity find ways to hear each other, understand each member’s needs and make a plan for moving forward.  Together we’ll ensure that while the gender non-conforming member is validated and supported, we also recognize the journeys other family members are experiencing at the same time.

In addition to offering psychotherapy, I am also happy to help connect your family to necessary community resources and accommodations.



Wherever you are on your personal journey of gender (identity, expression, etc.), I’ll meet you there.  I am deeply attuned to the ways in which the gender binary organizes our world, and can provide a safe and supportive space for you to determine what aspects of gender are most authentic to you. However, I am sensitive to the fact that while gender identity and expression may be one issue you wish to talk about, it is not the only issue that defines you and may not be the only issue you wish to talk about. I will see and work with you as a whole person.

therapy for Kids, tweens and teens

Children and adolescents experience numerous internal and external transitions in their lives, and together we will validate their experiences and determine the best way to help them feel more in tune with their environment. I use the type of therapeutic techniques that works best for the client, ensuring that our work together is moving them towards health, balance and enjoyment in every sphere of their life.

I am especially attuned to the many demands on the adolescent mind; school, friends, family, identity, body and their future. I help adolescent clients create a safe space to be vulnerable and honest.  I have significant experience working with teens who may not have been open to therapy initially but end up truly looking forward to our sessions and the work we do together.

I collaborate with parents and guardians of children and teens, taking special care to preserve the privacy of the client while still helping parents and guardians feel invested in and aware of the work that is done.

trauma-informed care for all

An individualized approach

We'll pay attention not only to the thoughts in your mind, but also the physical experience of your body. This means that I help clients remain grounded in session, creating and maintaining safety throughout our work. 

If ok by you, we'll use mindfulness and several forms of creative expression to allow you to remain present and re-process your experiences towards healing. This might include making art of all kinds, practicing guided imagery and/or using music as expression. Whatever helps us tune in to you, we'll get there.

I completed The Level 1 Trauma Certificate from The Ferentz Institute in 2017; I continue to receiving training in several trauma-informed therapies.